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Upcoming & current events

The business of beauty: introduction to the beauty industry

May / June 2023

Want to go behind the scenes of the beauty industry? Discover how marketing strategies and global trends influence beauty brands.


May / June /July 2023

With the goal of building a qualified pipeline of talents and encouraging a democratized learning approach, all platform users will have a  chance to earn a unique certification beyond traditional academic paths. By completing 4 modules and a final quiz within 8 weeks, students can learn about LVMH and the fundamentals of luxury and boost their CV with the INSIDE LVMH Certificate

Past events

La traduzione di un settore: cosmetica e beauty

May 2023

A very informative webinar on an industry which is very close to my fashion specialisation.
See my certificate HERE.

May 2023

Author consultant Joe Solari shows you how to perfect your author marketing efforts to reach new readers and sell more books.

Digital Fashion Media

May 2023

Discover the power of digital media and how social media, content creation, and influencers are shaping the fashion industry.
See my certificate HERE.

Expert on Game Localization

May 2023

10 hours to learn about the specificities of localising video games. I really recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn more about this particular niche.
See my certificate HERE.

Sustainable luxury fashion with Condé Nast

April 2023

Can luxury fashion brands be sustainable? Find out how the rising demand for sustainability is causing big changes in fashion.
See my certificate HERE.

Ethics and Diversity in Fashion with Condé Nast

March – April 2023

The course touched upon aspects of accountability, image retouching and representation of all people in fashion media as well as the emergence of more diverse fashion brands and the labour rights of those that work in the fashion industry.
See my certificate HERE.

March Marketing Madness

March 2023

A marketing challenge for translators by Corinne McKay

SEO Translation Workshop

March 2023

In this workshop, David will go over the basics of SEO to understand how it works and will look at the tools you can use to do multilingual keyword research.

See my certificate HERE.

The Future of Fashion and Media with Condé Nast

February – March 2023

Gain expert insights into the fashion and media industry from Condé Nast and discover how brands evolve to meet consumer demands.
See my certificate HERE.

Translation for the fashion industry

February 2023

Discover what translating for the fashion industry looks like and start your journey towards a new exciting specialisation.
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Supercharge your writing

Saturday, February 4th

How to develop good writing habits

The Life Cycle of a Translation

Saturday, February 4th

This event aims to demystify the process of publishing books in translation for debut authors and emerging translators

How to Write Engaging Dialogue

Wednesday, January 25th

Editor Adina Edelman reveals her top tips for crafting dialogue that will take your writing to the next level

How To Build Your Writing Routine – with Megan Bradbury

REPLAY – in January 2023

A talk on how to create a writing routine for yourself

Reflect and Reset Challenge
Monday 12th December to Thursday 15th December 2022
A 4-Day Free Challenge to Help You Assess This Year and Progress Next Year
Warts and All: Sustaining a career in literary translation
November 24th, 2022
Literary translator Nariman Youssef chaired this discussion with fellow professional translators Alice Guthrie, Anton Hur and Ruth Martin, on the realities of sustaining a career in the industry. This was an open and honest conversation, pitched for mid-career translators, about what it means to stay in literary translation for the long haul, covering among other things questions of self-marketing, niche-carving, side-jobs, and advocacy work.

November 9th, 2022
BCLT Research Seminar with Peter Davies – ‘Whose Words, Whose Voices? What Thinking about Translation Can Tell Us about the Holocaust’. This seminar took place online on 9th November 2022.