Daughters of Avalon

Tanya Anne Crosby

English to French literary translation of a medieval series full of magic.

Why I translated it

I had been working with Tanya for a while and I really wanted to help her bring this fantasy series to a French audience.

My biggest challenge

I encountered two main challenges while translating this series. The first one was getting a grasp on the historical period. I had heard of the wreck of the White Ship when I was a child and I had also heard of Ken Follett’s historical novel, The Pillars of the Earth. However, I knew very little of the war between Empress Matilda (or Maud) and her cousin Stephen of Blois. Thanks to Horrible Histories and their ABBA cover, I now see a clearer picture.

Incidentally, if you have watched the HBO series House of the Dragon (2022-) or read the original story, you would have seen an interpretation of this war of succession by George R. R. Martin. 


My second challenge was getting the magical elements right as well as the mythological references. I will not spoil the series, but a “Horcrux” situation brings back the Dragon of Anglesey. I knew very little of this period of history and enjoyed discovering it.

My last published translation

Opposites attract in this historical romance.

What's next?

A tale of several quirky sisters who never thought they would attract husbands.