The League of Rogues

Lauren Smith

English to French literary translation of a tantalizing series. Contains rogue aristocrats, fiery ladies, spies, murders, and plots…

Why I translated it

 I am really enjoying working on this series.

It contains just the right amount of historical references to make it challenging as a translator, and the H & h are all interesting characters.

My biggest challenge

How to translate “Rogues”?
There are many ways to translate this word in French, depending on the behaviour you want to emphasize. Would they be cads, good-for-nothings, scoundrels, or rascals? Finally, my editor settled on the French “Rebelles”.

Of course, when you translate a historical romance, there’s always some serious fact-checking work to do. Do the gentlemen’s clubs mentioned really exist? What about the streets, assembly rooms, or chapels? Thankfully, this author used only historically accurate references and I was able to find precise information on Almack’s Assembly Rooms or the Donaldson’s Library in Brighton.


My last published translation

The classic enemies to lovers story.

What's next?

A contemporary romance in an American university + a Regency series!