Other books

Various authors

English to French literary translation of standalone books.

Why I translated those books

Over the years, I also translated some standalone books, either for authors I already work with (Christmas novellas, for example), or for new authors.

My biggest challenge

Two of the books pictured here were some of my favourite projects.

A Good Day to Die is the first novel I translated when I started my career. At the time, I wanted to specialise in war narratives. I really enjoyed working on this first-person account of the Iran-Irak war in the 1980s.

For Sinful Folk, I delved into the stories of Chaucer again, which I had read at university. I absolutely adored this interpretation of a real-life medieval tragedy, laced with a forbidden romance, a murder, and a secret identity.


My last published translation

A sweet romance between childhood friends

What's next?

A steamy sports romance