Redeemable Rogues

Tanya Anne Crosby

English to French literary translation of 5 separate stories set in old-timey America.

Why I translated it

This was my first ever American series. All the books are set in old-timey America, from the Far West to the upper-class atmosphere of New-York.

My biggest challenge

The most challenging part of this series was learning a whole new historical period, also because the books are set in different places and centuries.

I quite enjoyed McKenzie’s Bride, as it reminded me of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I also enjoyed learning about archaeology in the Yucatan for Happily Ever After.

I also learned a lot about Braille and education for the blind a century and a half ago.


My last published translation

Opposites attract in this historical romance.

What's next?

A tale of several quirky sisters who never thought they would attract husbands.