Angélique Olivia Moreau

French literary translator specialising in historical romances

I translate fiction from English and Norwegian into French, both for self-published writers and publishing companies

Revive the past

Hi, I’m Angélique

As a linguist trained in literary translation as part of my MA (University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis), I’ve been working with bestselling independent authors and publishing companies, either B2B or through specialised agencies, since 2014.

I also specialise in fashion, creating content for high-end fashion brands.

If you are a visionary creator in the fields of literary fiction or fashion, I am eager to hear from you!


Translation into French

  • Literary translation of your novel, novella or non-fiction book
  • Transcreation and localisation of your titles, keywords and blurbs
  • Translation of your website, marketing or social media material (brochures, Twitter posts, newsletters)


Creation of your product descriptions, landing pages, social posts or blog articles targeted at a Francophone readership

My last published translation

Opposites attract in this historical romance.

What's next?

A tale of several quirky sisters who never thought they would attract husbands.